Updates to COVID-19 Level 4 Permitted Activity

27 Aug 2021

We have an updated version of the NZ Plant Producers COVID-19 safety plan, which includes a new allowance at Level 4 for pricking out and potting on for plants that are at risk of deterioration (highlighted page 5).
Please find this document as a link at the bottom of this page.

It is up to the business to make the decision about what plants are at risk and what actions are required. 
There is a strong message from MPI that this does not allow these activities to occur as BAU, so you must ensure this is done only when necessary, that it can be done safely and with the minimum number of staff.

We will provide a further update after the PM’s announcement at 3:00pm. 


Matthew Dolan | Chief Executive
New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated



Download NZPPI COVID Safety Plan Template
(MS Word 2007) 5183KB



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