Proposed new BSc Major in Horticultural and Plant Sciences: signatures needed

11 Oct 2023

Researchers at Lincoln University, including Associate Professor Clive Kaiser, have proposed a new qualification major: a Horticultural and Plant Science Major (Bachelor of Science) to be introduced in 2024 to 2025.

NZPPI has examined the proposed course content and fully supports it. We have long identified the need for this level of education for the future development of our industry. The proposed qualification will help fill a crucial gap in horticultural plant science knowledge in the coming years as graduates join the workforce.

The next stage in the process of approving the qualification is gathering signatures from supporters. These signatures, along with the business case, will be forwarded to the Academic Quality and Policy Manager.

Some signatures from NZPPI members were collected at the NZPPI AGM. If you would like to add your signature, please complete the editable PDF below and email to by October 25 2023. 

The qualification proposal states:

There are many challenges (and ongoing opportunities) for New Zealand to be able to continue harnessing value from land-based industries while maintaining our competitive advantages and developing new products for a global marketplace. New Zealand requires increasingly sophisticated graduates, technical solutions, and innovative science and management systems to address these challenges. 

As such the new Horticultural and Plant Science Major has the primary intention of providing a programme that aligns with the needs of the industry, including producing quality graduate scientists who can lead knowledge-driven solutions to some of the industry's most difficult challenges.

 The proposed major will be built around a core of traditional science and applied courses already taught at Lincoln. It includes a single new course: HORT109 Horticultural Science Principles and Practices. Cross-faculty collaboration will include two modified subjects from Agri Commerce, HORT222 and HORT272. 

Updated courses components will provide a stronger focus on the science behind horticultural production, plant growth regulators, fertilisation and plant protection, focusing on sustainable management.

We encourage NZPPI members and supporters to get behind the proposed qualification and sign the PDF. We will keep you updated on progress.



Download Proposal for a new Hort Major
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