News Roundup - 12 April

12 Apr 2021

Pine seedlings sold out before planting
Most forest tree nurseries have sold out of pine seedlings ahead of the winter planting season and industry sales should exceed 100 million seedlings this year.

Market gardener fast-tracking plans to shrink carbon footprint
Co-funding of $4.078m was announced on Thursday for the JS Ewers projects, from round one of the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA)-administered Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry Fund

Researchers predict refuges from myrtle rust
Researchers identify refugia where myrtle species may escape the onslaught of the disease in a new paper published in the Journal of Applied Ecology

Couple build pā to shelter native tree nursery
A pā created from fence posts and ingenuity is part of a South Taranaki couple’s plan to bring back native trees and Māori values to their family farm.

Marlborough faces a 'significant' lack of staff for pruning season
The region is short roughly a third of its workforce heading into the labour-intensive pruning season.

Growers 'devastated' as apples rot in Hawke's Bay orchards
“We cannot continue to spend money on keeping our business alive without a guarantee of labour in the future. It is just not possible”

Root & Branch
What trees can and can't do to address the climate change crisis

Polluted waterways - why are we subsidising environmental harm?

The school strikes for the climate are not a fad and they're not going away. They should be a wake-up call. The kids are telling us they have had enough, that we "grown-ups" aren't grown-up enough to do anything real about a planetary-level threat to future generations.

Law criminalising commercial cartels comes into effect

The law was changed last year turning it from a civil to a criminal matter, meaning individuals who are convicted could face a seven-year jail sentence or a fine of up to $500,000.
The sort of behaviour that will attract court attention is price fixing or market manipulation.

Bee deaths rise, nearly 100,000 colonies estimated lost last winter
Bee colony deaths in New Zealand have increased for the sixth year in a row with nearly 100,000 colonies estimated to be lost.




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