NZPPI Leadership Forum

06 Aug 2021

Sponsored by Daltons and Egmont Seeds, the inaugural NZPPI Leaders Forum was held in Hamilton on July 15th, where around 50 of our members took part in this one day event. 

The NZPPI Leaders are those in our industry who are involved in our Board, Subcommittees and Special Interest Groups, or who actively advocate for our industry in their regions and local communities. They are vital to the success of our industry, committing their time and knowledge to make things happen and to achieve better outcomes.

Our industry leaders come from across our industry and bring their considerable knowledge and energy to drive positive change.

The forum was an opportunity to gain a shared understanding of NZPPI's strategic priorities and to agree how we will work to achieve the best outcome. They looked at the importance of building and sustaining relationships and having a consistent planned approach to advocacy. 

The participants heard from leaders from other parts of the primary industry, including Alastair Bisley, who led change in NZ's water regulations, and dairy farmer and director Gray Baldwin who spoke on the skills for effective in leadership in today's complex and everchanging environment. The day was facilitated by Michelle Rush, Director of Participatory Techniques Ltd and a facilitative leadership trainer: Forum Facilitator. 

Some of the key outcomes for the forum were:

  • The Native Nursery SIG identified the need for more structure and future planning in their sector.
  • Our science leaders looked at the urgent need for solutions to managing plastics.
  • Young leaders identified ways to attract and develop people in our industry.
  • Our retail leaders looked at how to improve the garden retail supply chain.

We extend a special thanks to the members that took the time to participate in this forum, and to Daltons and Egmont Seeds, who made the event possible.  

NZPPI took away all of your workings from the day and are utilising them to help in developing our industry strategy and how we advocate for you as your industry body.




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