Science and technology are key strategic goals for NZ Plant Producers – creating knowledge and tools that provide tangible value to our members.

NZ Plant Producers’ Science & Innovation Strategy covers all aspects of plant production from biosecurity, through genetics, growing plants, media, mechanisation and sustainability to the nursery gate. It is organised into five strategic themes:

  1. Sustainable plant production systems
  2. Improved diagnostics for assessing plant health and detecting pathogens
  3. Enhanced soil health, plant quality and vigour
  4. Knowledge transfer to NZ Plant Producers members
  5. Biosecurity

Operating under delegation of the NZPPI Board, the Science & Innovation Subcommittee is responsible for the governence of our Science and Innovation Strategy.  The Subcommittee meets three times each year to identify research opportunities, to prioritise investment and leverage funding.

The members of the Science and Innovation Subcommittee are:

Geoff Thorpe - Riversun Nurseries
Wade van Ardt - Nudo Herbs
Ardalan Ash - Waimea Nurseries
Mike Riordon - Forevergreen Seedlings Ltd.
Jane Straka - Scrub Growers Ltd.
Beccy Ganley - Plant and Food Research
Geoff Ridley - Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research
Bill Dyck - New Zealand's Biological Heritage - MBIE
Craig Ford - Scion Research


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