NZ Plant Producers submissions to Government agencies.


NZ Plant Producers submissions to Government agencies


Auckland Council Exemption for Prunus serrulata cultivars - updated 3 November 2023
Auckland Counci have updated their list of Japanese cherry cultivars exempt from the RPMP ban.

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Auckland Council Exemption letter for Prunus serrulata cultivars
Auckland Council have agreed to our request to exempt Prunus 'Kanzan' and Prunus 'Shimidsu Sakura' from the RPMP ban.

They have also agreed to interim exemption for four other cultivars while further work is done this coming Spring: Prunus 'Ukon', P. 'Amanogawa', P. "Shirotae' and P. 'Kiku shidare sakura'.

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EPA Application AP204280 for 11 new plant species - Summary for Te Herenga engagement
NZPPI is applying to the Environmental Protection Authority for approval of 11 houseplant species. As part of the applications process, NZPPI is consulting with Te Herenga, the EPA's network of Maori advisers and kaitiaki.

You can read a summary of the application here.

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Citrus Plants for Planting submission 10 September 2021
NZ Plant Producers made a submission on proposed changes to the import rules for Citrus Plants for Planting.

The new Import Health Standard incorporates all Citrus, Poncirus, and Fortunella, from MPI approved and non-approved offshore sources.

The main area of concern was in the interpretation that offshore facilities must be physical structures, because this is implied in MPI's standard for Approval of Offshore Facilities. NZPPI disagrees with this interpretation, as the same wording is used in the MPI Post-entry quarantine standard, which definitely includes 'open field' Level 1 facilities.

We believe that Open field facilities can still provide a good level of biosecurity risk-reduction and offer a practical way of holding high-health collections of some horticultural species, e.g. grapevines, summer fruit etc.

You can read NZPPI's submission here.

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Submission on the Plant Variety Rights Bill
The Plant Variety Rights Act is an important piece of legislation that supports the success of our sector. Many of our members propagate or own the rights to plants that are protected by the current Plant Variety Rights Act (PVRA).

NZ Plant Producers supports the Government’s intention to align the future PVR regime with the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) 1991. Our submission makes 15 recommendations about both the structure and specific matters in the draft Bill. It highlights the importance of timeliness and certainty about property rights for plant breeders, to ensure that continued investment drives economic prosperity and sustainability in our horticultural sectors.

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Submission on Cut Flower and Foliage from Malaysia
MPI are amending the Import Health Standard for Cut Flowers & Foliage from Malaysia. The mandatory methyl bromide fumigation treatment at the border will be replaced by a Malaysian Phytosanitary Certification Assurance (MPCA) Scheme, an approved offshore programme for the management of Thrips palmi on imported cut flowers and foliage to New Zealand.

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Malus IHS submission 18 Dec 2020
NZ Plant Producers submission on the partial review of the Malus import health standard.

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Pelleted Seed submission
Risk Management Proposal: Proposed amendments to the IHS 155.02.05 Seeds for Sowing, February 2020

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Pelleted Seed Risk Management
Risk Management Proposal: Proposed amendments to the IHS 155.02.05 Seeds for Sowing, November 2019

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Review of Vocational Education
Education (Vocational Education and Training Reform) Amendment Bill, October 2019

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Freshwater National Policy Statement
Submission on the Proposed National Policy Statement for Freshwater and National Environment Standard for Freshwater, October 2019

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Plant Variety Rights Act submission
Submission on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s proposed options for the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 Review, September 2019

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Giant willow aphid
Giant willow aphid Biological Control Agent, September 2019

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Pelleted Seed briefing
Pelleted ornamental flower & greenhouse seeds – extended briefing paper, April 2019

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Kauri Dieback
National Kauri Dieback Management Plan, September 2018

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Plant Variety Rights Act review
Submission on issues associated with the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 to inform the Act’s review by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

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