GIA consultation process-

GIA consultation process
NZPPI is starting a consultation process with plant producers about the future of biosecurity in our sector. ... more

PPBS - why nurseries should get involved-

PPBS - why nurseries should get involved
The biggest kaupapa for us is not just the business but to reduce risk to the environment ... more

Native plant nursery survey-

Native plant nursery survey
REMINDER: Have your say on the native plant sector and the 1BT programme ... more

Protecting our nurseries and industry from biosecurity hazards-

Protecting our nurseries and industry from biosecurity hazards
Twenty nurseries nearing the end of their helping field test the draft standard and checklists ... more

Our purpose ...

New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated (NZPPI) is the peak industry body for plant producers and our industry partners. It's an opportunity for plant producers and their community to collaborate in shaping and growing an industry body with an influential voice that delivers value to our businesses.

It grew from work to identify a model for a producer-led industry body to advance an agenda for a broader and more inclusive community of plant producers and their industry partners.


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Working for You ...

Some of what's been &/or is on our task lists ...
Targeted review of Qualifications (TROQ) ... Xylella & Ornamental Imports ... GERMAC (plant imports) ... BMSB ... Trolley Special Interest Group ... Science and Innovation Strategy Development ... GM petunia ... Myrtle rust ... PEQ facility standard ... Poinsettia thrips ... PMAC (plant exports) ... Retail Special Interest Group ... Fruit Tree Imports & Offshore accredititon ... latest newsletter

New Biosecurity Myrtle Rust webpage

Click here to connect to the new Biosecurity Myrtle Rust webpage with the latest information and updated protocols. Register your nursery on the NZPPI Biosecurity Register

Please note, this is a work in progress and the titles at the foot of the page are not yet linked.


One Billion Trees-

One Billion Trees
After a year of planning the One Billion Trees programme is beginning to take shape. Read the NZPPI update here. ... more

Kauri Dieback Management Plan-

Kauri Dieback Management Plan
NZPPI has made a submission on MPI's proposal to develop a management plan for Kauri dieback. ... more

NZPPI Conference 2019-

NZPPI Conference 2019
The NZPPI innovation conference, "Making Business Modern" is one of the most successful nursery industry conferences in years, delegates describing it as a 'next level' event. ... more

Prunus Import Health Standard Review

Prunus Import Health Standard Review Update
MPI are reviewing the biosecurity risks associated with imported Prunus nursery stock. NZPPI has been involved in this work from the start and recently attended the pre-consultation meeting. ... more


Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) is a major threat to the New Zealand economy and the public. It's high on horticulture's most unwanted list ... more

NZPPI Science Strategy-shutterstock_512297404_DigitalPhoto

NZPPI Science Strategy
Read the Science and Technology document, developed over the year since conference 2017, and launched at Conference 2018 ... more

Biosecurity update - quarterley newsletter-

Biosecurity update - quarterley newsletter
Updates on Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Myrtle Rust, Kauri Dieback and Impatiens Downy Mildew. ... more

Submission on the Review of Vocational Education-

Submission on the Review of Vocational Education
NZPPI's submission on the government's proposal to change the structure of industry training highlights the urgent need for change in industry training. ... more

Rico Mannall - Young Achiever 2019-

Rico Mannall - Young Achiever 2019
Rico Mannall from Southern Woods Nursery in Christchurch is this years NZPPI Young Achiever ... more

NZPPI Strategic Direction 2017-2020-

NZPPI Strategic Direction 2017-2020
A key Board focus in 2017 has been NZPPI's Strategy - setting the new direction for NZPPI and leading change needed to implement this and make the new model work ... more

Impatiens Downy Mildew - media release-

Impatiens Downy Mildew - media release
The bedding and potted colour impatiens are prone to a destructive mildew called impatiens downy mildew (IDM) which has recently been discovered for the first time in New Zealand. ... more

Board meet with Minister-

Board meet with Minister
Board meet with Minister to raise the top issues for industry. The briefing he was provided has also been given to the CE of the Ministry for Primary Industries ... more

NZPPI Budget Analysis-

NZPPI Budget Analysis
With the media coverage on the Budget 2019 in full flight, CE Matt Dolan takes a look at some of the announcements and initiatives that are of interest to plant producers. ... more

NZPPI Member Cyber Security Checklist-shutterstock_127894739_MaksimKabakou_375S.jpg

NZPPI Member Cyber Security Checklist
NZPPI's checklist to assist members refine their cyber-security readiness now available ... more

PVR Law Reform-

PVR Law Reform
NZPPI has made a submission on the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 review by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. ... more