NZ Plant Producers is working towards signing the Government Industry Agreement for Biosecurity Readiness and Response (GIA).

After speaking with our members, industry and the Ministry for Primary Industries, the NZ Plant Producers Board believes it is in our best interests to sign the Agreement. We are developing a proposal to join the Agreement on behalf of our members only. Plant producers that are not members will be ‘non-signatories’, meaning that the Crown will represent them in the Agreement.

What is the GIA?

The Agreement is a partnership between the Crown and industry to improve biosecurity readiness and response. Its aim is to prepare for and effectively respond to biosecurity risks.

It provides for joint decision-making and sharing the cost of readiness and response activities. There are two parts to the Agreement: the Deed; and Operational Agreements:

  • The Deed outlines the principles of the partnerships between the Crown and each industry that signs the Deed. It describes the rights, legal obligations, roles, responsibilities and commitments of each Signatory.
  • Operational Agreements define joint commitments for readiness and response activities for specific pests (eg Brown Marmorated Stink Bug). They detail what makes up the readiness and response activities, how they will be implemented and how they will be funded.

To join the Agreement, NZ Plant Producers must convince the Minister for Primary Industries that we have our members’ support to represent them.

NZ Plant Producers is seeking to act on behalf of our members to:

  • become a Signatory to the Agreement by signing the Deed
  • become a partner in Operational Agreements in the future.

Signing the Deed would give us authority to:

  • represent members on governance groups determine biosecurity policy and action
  • agree how the Agreement is funded
  • negotiate future Operational Agreements on members’ behalf
  • agree the activities for readiness and response for future Operational Agreements
  • make decisions on industry’s behalf during biosecurity readiness and response activities
  • discuss issues relating to the biosecurity system that are wider than just readiness and response activities.

What happens next?

On 18 August 2020 the NZ Plant Producers Board agreed to apply to sign the GIA and since then we have submitted our application to the Minister.

It is anticipated that the application will be considered during November, potentially enabling NZ Plant Producers to sign the Deed before the end of 2020.


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