Plant Pass is a voluntary certification scheme for all New Zealand plant producers that recognises good biosecurity practices and provides assurance for plant buying customers. 

Plant Pass provides a framework that enables plant producers to identify, control, manage or avoid pest and biosecurity hazards in their nursery and production processes.

The scheme protects the producer, their customers, the environment and the New Zealand economy from the inadvertent introduction of pests and diseases into nurseries and subsequent spread across supply chains. It builds industry and producer resilience, trust and social licence

Plant Pass was developed by scientists for local plant producers and incorporates local practices and solutions for local risks. NZPPI and Biosecurity New Zealand led the development of the scheme and NZPPI now manages Plant Pass. Other organisations involved in the project include NZ Forest Owners Assn, Kiwifruit Vine Health, NZ Avocado, NZ Winegrowers and Citrus New Zealand.

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