New Zealand's plant production industry faces many biosecurity threats with potential to cause significant environmental damage and financial loss. This loss might come in the form of restrictions on plant movements, destruction of plants and germplasm, reputation, reduced productivity, and increased costs.

Our role

NZ Plant Producers is the lead organisation for biosecurity in the plant nursery industry. We participate in the biosecurity system alongside industry and government and advocate for a system that is workable for plant producers. We support our members to improve their capability to manage biosecurity threats.

How we go about it

  • We work alongside industry as we prepare to manage future biosecurity risks.
  • We communicate about biosecurity risks in our industry.
  • We have in-house knowledge and expertise on biosecurity and assist our members.

What are we doing at the moment?

  • We have joined the Government Industry Agreement on Biosecurity (the GIA)
  • We manage Plant Pass, the Plant Production Biosecurity Scheme developed under the PPBS Operational Agreement and are actively encouraging producers to register with the scheme
  • We are partners in several other Operation Agreements such as the Xyella Response Plan
  • We are working with industry groups to develop future Operation Agreements to prevent, and respond to, the most serious risks.
  • We work with the Ministry of Primary Industries to understand emerging risks and threats to our sector.


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