New Zealand Plant Producers is the industry body for plant nurseries and related businesses.

Our members produce the plants that grow the food that Kiwis eat and export, regenerate our forests, beautify our urban landscapes and homes and are planted in our backyards.

Our vision is a vibrant plant production industry widely respected for its professionalism, innovation and major contribution to New Zealand.

Our goal is to support our members by working to create a positive industry profile and business environment.

Following a review of our industry structure in 2017, NZ Plant Producers was established to unify our industry, strengthen our voice, and ensure a sustainable association. 

We are a membership organisation.  We are funded and supported by the contributions or our members, who are at the center of everything we do. We work with policy makers, industry bodies and community groups, Iwi, scientists, academics, business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Our work benefits the whole plant production sector, which is why we encourage all plant producers to join NZ Plant Producers, become aware of the issues, engage in the solutions, and contribute to the effort.

Plant producers are at the epicenter of unprecedented change and opportunity in New Zealand primary industries, our environment and our urban areas. Our vision highlights the central role plants play in the future success and prosperity of New Zealand and the importance of plant producers in this.

At the same time there are many challenges, the greatest being biosecurity, which can stop us in our tracks tomorrow. We face constraints with our workforce, sustainability, access to genetic material and government policies to name few.

To achieve success our industry must come together, united with a clear plan led by an industry body that has the capability, resources and scale to achieve the changes needed.

For more information contact us at office@nzppi.co.nz

Our old website is now archived - you can still find it here.


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