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Manage Risk
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National Network
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Membership Information

NZ Plant Producers is a voluntary membership body for plant nurseries and related businesses.

If you’d like to join an industry body with a strong and influential voice we’d like to hear from you.

Three types of membership are available:

Producer membership

Producer memberships are available for any business or entity engaged in producing plants or parts of plants for and/or supplied to retail, landscape, amenity, revegetation, orchards, vineyards, forestry, food production or another plant producer.

0.3% of fee relevant turnover based upon a validated producer declaration for a member’s most recently completed financial year prior to or at 31 March in each year. Relevant turnover is defined as gross income derived from the sale of plants produced in New Zealand inclusive of all charges, excluding royalties and GST, that a purchaser would pay.

Where a member supplies plants to another part of their business, fee relevant turnover is the wholesale value of gross income supported by an identifiable and discrete transfer value. If you need assistance with this, please contact NZ Plant Producers chief executive Matthew Dolan

A minimum fee $350 plus GST applies.

To protect confidentiality, producer membership fees are paid to an independent subscription agent.

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Industry partner membership

Industry partner membership is available for any other person, business or entity with an interest in the objectives of NZ Plant Producers, an interest in working with our members and/or part of the plant producer supply chain – for example retailers, landscapers, businesses that supply industry members. Overseas-based members fall into this membership.

Industry partner members are not represented on NZ Plant Producers Inc.'s board and do not get a vote in board elections.

Industry partner membership fees are based on turnover for nursery and garden industry products and services, and are paid directly to NZ Plant Producers.

Contracting Parties 

NZ Plant Producers has provision for producers precluded from membership by conscience or religion. Read more here....


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