From our base in Wellington we work with Government and industry on issues that matter, building broader, stronger connections & influence.

NZPPI came to life in a time of crisis.  In 2016, the ink was barely dry on the new NZPPI Constitution when the myrtle rust crisis hit. Leaning into this, NZPPI proved its worth almost immediately by preventing a widespread ban on plant movements and supporting plant producers through the response.

No sooner had that crisis passed, the sector faced another threat with MPI moving to seize 55,000 fruit trees due to a documentation issue in an offshore quarantine facility.

These crises and others that impact our industry such as COVID-19, numerous biosecurity incursions, cyclones and other adverse weather events have shaped NZPPI. Our actions during these events earned us a reputation as an effective advocate and enabled us to build trust and strong relationships across industry and with government.

This trust has earned us a seat around decision making tables, with a far greater ability to influence than ever before.

As we get around the country talking with our members there are five themes that are constantly coming through:

  • Joining the Government Industry Agreement on Biosecurity is vital to our sector
  • Access to enough skilled workers
  • Stagnant prices while costs and standards increase
  • Frustration with biosecurity and the plant import process
  • Increasing regulation from central and local government

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about our sector, with an increasing awareness of the value of plants for New Zealand. In order to realise these opportunities our sector needs to come together to make progress on these issues.


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