Updates to COVID-19 Level 4 Safety Template

26 Aug 2021

There have been a few updates to our Level 4 Safe Nursery Operations Protocols. This template can be customised and used as a Safe Practise Plan for your business. Please familiarise yourselves with these changes and communicate them to any staff who are onsite performing Essential Activities to ensure plant survival. 

See the link at the bottom of this article to view and download the updated protocols. 

The Ministry of Primary Industries has also requested feedback about the level of understanding and awareness of our industry COVID-19 protocols. MPI will use this information to provide evidence of the performance of the primary industries during the shutdown. To provide this feedback we have prepared a short list of questions. We appreciate if you could take a moment to answer them.

Please click here to be taken to the questionnaire. 



Download NZPPI Covid Safety Plan Template
(MS Word 2007) 5185KB



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