PVR Regulations

26 Aug 2021

A new Plant Variety Rights Bill (the PVR Bill) to replace the PVR Act was introduced to Parliament on 11 May 2021 and completed its first reading on 19 May 2021.

MBIE are now seeking further feedback on some of the outstanding policy issues they noted in their Review Paper in August 2020.  This includes a discussion on the list of ‘non-indigenous species of significance’ to Maori. These were defined as species that arrived in New Zealand on the migrating waka and while these species are not indigenous to New Zealand, they are taonga.

The list was intended to create greater clarity for plant breeders, so they know which species they need to be engaging Maori early on in the breeding process, and which species will likely be directed to the Maori Plant Varieties Committee during consideration.

This list is repeated below:

  • Kuru, Breadfruit - Artocarpus altilis
  • Hue, Gourd, calabash - Lagenaria siceraria
  • Aute Paper-Mulberry - Broussonetia papyrifera
  • Karaka/Kōpī - Corynocarpus laevigata
  • Paratawhiti/Paraa - Marrita fraxinea
  • Perei -  Gastroda cunninghamii and Orthoceras strictuum
  • Kūmara - Ipomoea batatas
  • Taro - Colocasia esculenta
  • Tī pore Pacific cabbage tree - Cordyline fruticosa
  • Whikaho Yam - Dioscorea species

The discussion document proposed that the list should be a suitable starting point. Although the list will be set out in the regulations, this does not mean that the list cannot be amended or adapted as time goes by. 

NZ Plant Producers attended an online hui on Wednesday to discuss the provisional list of 'non-indigenous species of significance'.  The potential for including Maori potatoes was also discussed. Although they were not brought out on waka, they have played a significant role for Maori for a century. 

MBIE and IPONZ commented that indigenous and/or non-indigenous species of significance that have been bred overseas would not need to be considered by the Maori Plant Varieties Committee.

Submissions are due on 1 September 2021.  See the link below for all the information about the consultation:




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