News Roundup - 21 April

21 Apr 2021
RSE seasonal migrant worker scheme does not benefit economy - report
The value of migrant workers and the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme have been called into question by a report that concludes they do not benefit the economy

Record shift off benefit 'sign of improving job market'

There were 32,880 people who shifted from a benefit into work in the first three months of 2021. That was 10,670 more than in the same period of 2019. The number of people on the main benefits fell by 23,568.

Lazy recycling forces closure of programme growing seedlings from milk cartons

Trees For Canterbury announced its recycling scheme will end on May 10 after three decades of using the cartons to grow over a million native seedlings.
The group grows and supplies native plants for community groups and planting projects across the greater Christchurch area.

Farmers struggling to access water

Dry conditions around the country are causing issues with stock drinking water supplies and crop production.

Late brother inspires Canterbury family's microgreen farming venture
You’ve heard of the milkman, but now greater Christchurch residents can get a visit from the microgreen man.
Don Murchie and Jess Murchie-Brown – and their two children Harlem, 7, and Koa, 2 – have been growing and selling four varieties of microgreens on their 4-hectare lifestyle block in Tai Tapu for about two months.

Orchard sprayed another cyclist with fungicide: second time in a year

An orchard company recently fined for allowing spray drift to cover a couple of cyclists riding nearby has just been fined for doing the same thing a year later.

Instagram 'blocking' means small business owners missing out

Small business owners are losing money and being left in the dark as to why their Instagram accounts have been disabled.




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