EPA application resubmitted

31 May 2022

NZPPI has resubmitted its application to the EPA for the full release of 11 new plant species.

This work is part of NZPPI’s ambitious goal to improve the plant imports system, including addressing the historic issues in the HSNO system.   

The application is for 11 species of houseplants that originate from South East Asia and South America. Eight of these species are already being traded in New Zealand but are not on the HSNO list so cannot legally be propagated and sold. The other three species have related species already here, but will be new to New Zealand, if approved.  

Since the HSNO Act came into force in 1998, no new species have been approved by the EPA under its full release (no restrictions) process. The high cost and complexity of making a full release application means that the system is simply not used.  

NZPPI Biosecurity and Technical Manager Kathryn Hurr has undertaken a comprehensive risk analysis of the species and determined that the benefits of full release far outweigh the negligible risk.

NZPPI first submitted an application in June 2021 and received feedback from EPA in July asking for more detail. We resubmitted in February 2022 but in April the EPA said it needed more detailed biological information so after hours of research NZPPI resubmitted last Friday.

The EPA can now decide to accept the application or ask for more changes. Public consultation maybe required and/or a public hearing. We will keep you updated on the EPA response.




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