Auckland Moves to Covid-19 Level 2.5

07 Sep 2020

Our Auckland members will be welcoming the move to Covid-19 Level 2.5, resuming open retail trade and ending the confusion and delays at the Auckland border.
The cost of the restrictions is unknown, but garden retailers have borne the brunt of the trading restrictions, and plant producers have had to navigate the confused border controls.

Over the past three weeks NZ Plant Producers has been in constant contact with officials and worked with HortNZ to ensure members were able to move freight and critical workers across the border. In contract to the Level 4 restrictions, there was less flexibility this time.

The Covid-19 crisis is far from over, so plan for the likelihood of further shutdowns. Here are some things we learned this time around:
1)    Expect the rules to differ each time, so prepare to be flexible and to adapt. We will push for allowances, but this was more difficult this time around.
2)    Identify key workers that live across a possible boundary and consider how to deal with restrictions on their travel to and from work.
3)    Cooperation is key. Prepare to work with your suppliers, customers, and other plant producers to share information, manage work, materials, transport etc.




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