NZ Plant Producers support GIA proposal

18 Aug 2020

NZ Plant Producers board considered the feedback received during the consultation process and decided to apply to sign the Deed.

The GIA is a partnership between industry and government to improve New Zealand's biosecurity readiness and response.

Joining the GIA will ensure we are prepared for future incursions and members are considered and protected in a crisis. It will give us ‘a seat at the table’ to represent members in a biosecurity crisis.

This is an important step for our industry. It strengthens our relationships with government and industry by participating in Operational Agreements determining how biosecurity risks and incursions are managed.

On 18 August 2020 the NZ Plant Producers Board agreed to apply to sign the GIA.Our application will be submitted to the Minister by 5 September.

It is anticipated that the application will be considered during November, potentially enabling NZ Plant Producers to sign the Deed before the end of 2020.




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