NZ Plant Producers at Grow Ōtautahi

17 Mar 2021

NZ Plant Producers was on a combined stand with Horticulture New Zealand and the PrimaryITO, talking to garden enthusiasts about the career and training opportunities available within our industry.

This was a very well organised event by the Grow Ōtautahi team, in a stunning and welcoming space, with a huge turnout and sunshine provided by Christchurch. We met more than 1000 people from all walks of life who are interested in learning more about the career opportunities in the industry and what NZ Plant Producers does as an industry body.

It is good to see so many young people that interested in learning more about the training options available to them throughout New Zealand, keen to spend every day working with plants as a career.

On Friday 12 March NZ Plant Producers also hosted a social evening targeted towards nursery employees eligible for our 2021 Young Achiever of the Year Competition. This was an awesome way for us to meet young nursery workers and talk to you about NZ Plant Producers, what we do. and what we have planned for the year.

Feedback from this evening was positive, and those who attended were grateful to have met some new faces in the industry and have conversations around how they were finding life in a nursery, what their job entailed, and the challenges of completing their apprenticeships. It was nice for us to meet all that attended and start to compile a list of young workers who are keen to be the next generation in the industry and take part in more social events in the future.




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