Go Hort proves popular with NZ Plant Producer members

05 Nov 2021

NZ Plant Producers workforce stream, Plant Careers has connected with Go Hort to help in the recruitment and promotion of opportunities in the plant production industry.

NZ Plant Producers recommend that Plant Producers advertise roles on the Go Hort job board as this is a platform dedicated to jobs in Horticulture within Aotearoa. When roles are advertised on Go Hort, Plant Careers will also then share these on the Plant Careers 'Find a Job' page. To make sure these are posted please ensure that the key words you use for advanced search are ‘Plant Production’. NZ Plant Producer members will only benefit from this.

The GoHort job board is a free job board to post permanent positions and internship opportunities for a horticulture industry audience, from entry-level to senior roles. The GoHort website promotes starting a career in a range of jobs in Horticulture, with the job board offering an insight into the variety of positions and internships available

Go Hort have different categories where jobs can be advertised under, for example, Business, Production, Science, Technology, Internship/Scholarship. These categories are well suited for Plant Production and allow for the employment audience to find roles in the suited area of work they are looking for.

Plant Careers will also be posting listed members roles on the Instagram account to target a wider audience. This means the plant production industry members will reach people via GoHort, Plant Careers and Instagram.

As well as Go Hort, the newly developed PickNZ Job Board is a free site for employers to list seasonal roles such as harvest, packhouse or thinning work. PickNZ is the go-to site for listing seasonal horticultural roles and is being backed by industry and government to help fill seasonal vacancies.

The login for Go Hort is the same for Pick NZ, this ensures that notifications for all roles seasonal or permanent

If you have any questions, please email plantcareers@nzppi.co.nz




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