Primary Industry Capability Alliance research and insights forum on workforce in the food and fibre sector

08 Mar 2021
On February the 25th NZ Plant Producers attended the PICA research & insights forum on ‘Growing our Workforce through Quality Workplaces’.

This was a thought-provoking day with leaders in innovative employment practices, that shared research and experience in building resilient workplaces in the food and fibre sector. The day left us with fresh ideas and strategies to tackle the challenges of building and retaining a skilled workforce in our plant production industry.

To grow and meet future capability needs, it is important to keep our talented people in our workforce by creating great workplaces from which they do not want to leave. We had an insight into data and information around labour market insecurity, job quality framework, job satisfaction in New Zealand, retaining your staff, being a leader, bridging the communication gap between older and younger workers, as well as information on new health and safety tools to utilise in the workplace.

Ben Allomes, from Hopelands Dairies discussed the process he went through in his business to win the Primary industries Good Employers Awards in 2018. Hamish Murray spoke about bridging the communication gap between older and youngers workers and his experience on farm. There were panel discussions with young people on retaining young talent, and examples of leadership and professional development programmes that have been created throughout the industry.

The last year has had challenges, but with challenges comes opportunity, and with opportunity there is growth. Over the next couple of weeks, we will share with you the insights had from attending this forum.



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