Spring Blueming in support of mental health - week commencing Nov 15th

22 Oct 2021

With the continued impact of Covid on our everyday lives, 2021 continues to be a challenge for the community. The positives of gardening and gardens has never been more important to the health and wellbeing of the community, and the resultant increased demand for our products has put pressures on production nurseries and staff. With this in mind, and on the back of a successful Australian launch last year, the local staff of ICL Specialty Fertilizers are pleased to co-ordinate Spring Blueming again in 2021.

We are looking to build on the $11,000+ raised for Beyond Blue in 2020, and importantly to acknowledge the staff of the horticultural industry who have worked so hard in support of the general public. This year we welcome Costa Georgiadis [Gardening Australia] as the National Ambassador.

We are also pleased to announce that Spring Blueming will be celebrated in New Zealand this year for the first time, with Jack Hobbs the National Ambassador, and funds being raised to support the Mental Health Foundation of NZ.

With the support of Nursery & Garden associations, ICL invites businesses to host a personalised event to thank their staff, and to view a presentation from either Costa or Jack. To provide as much flexibility as possible, rather than a specific time, we encourage businesses to hold a function at their convenience anytime in the week beginning the 15th November. ICL staff and our corporate partners are available to assist in your planning and we hope to attend various local functions during the week.

Last year the initiative was embraced by numerous Australian businesses and associations, with morning teas, lunches and other events coordinated by enthusiastic participants. Funds were raised from various activities including BBQ’s, staff plant sales, raffles, gold coin donations, best blue outfit competitions and business contributions. ICL staff are happy to discuss your plans for this year.

The mental health and hard work of the industry deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated as we continue to grow and supply products that bring so much joy to the gardening community. You can make the difference by hosting a Spring Blueming event in your business, and we look forward to your participation.

Registration will be opening soon. Please visit https://icl-sf.com/au-en/news/spring-blueming-2021-fundraising/ for updates.




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