COVID-19 Plant Production Resources

08 Sep 2021

Please find some resources here to help you work with your team to manage the COVID-19 controls in your business.

  1. A guideline from MPI that describes the Level 2 controls in primary industry businesses, including plant production & garden retail.  These have been developed by MPI in association with industry groups, including NZ Plant Producers. It is a helpful resource for the business owner, managers and supervisors. Access the guideline here.
  2. A set of posters describing the key points for operating at Level 4 can be found at the bottom of this article for you to download and print.  Poster 1 is for your team and may be handed out or displayed in work areas and the smoke room.  Poster 2 is for deliveries and may be printed as a handout or displayed in entrance area where drivers and staff can see it.


Download Poster One - Bubble Conditions
(Adobe PDF) 258KB



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