Minister Approves NZ Plant Producers' GIA Application

08 Dec 2020

Last week the Minister for Biosecurity, Hon Damien O’Connor approved our application to join the Government Industry Agreement on Biosecurity (GIA).

This is great news for our members, who can now work with the Ministry for Primary Industries and other primary industry bodies on biosecurity.

NZ Plant Producers has been named as the industry organisation representing only plant producers that are members of NZPPI, for the purposes of GIA.

Being part of GIA shows our members take biosecurity seriously. We want to continue to work collaboratively with MPI and industry on preparedness and responses.

This is a significant step for NZPPI and has come just in time to enable us to sign a number of important GIA Operational Agreements.

As stated in our consultation document, plant producers that are not members of NZPPI are not part of GIA. NZPPI will encourage these businesses to participate.  We will continue to encourage industry and Goverment to recognise NZPPI members & their contribution to biosecurity.  

A notice was published in the NZ Gazette on 3rd December, formalising the acceptance of NZPPI’s GIA application and a signing ceremony will be held in early 2021.   




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