GIA Operational Agreements

17 Mar 2021

Recently NZ Plant Producers announced it had signed the GIA Deed, enabling it to enter into agreements with government and industry groups to manage biosecurity issues.

The GIA Deed is the overarching document that lays out the principles of GIA, but the arrangements for specific biosecurity issues are contained in Operational Agreements (OAs). 

These are legally-binding agreements that are negotiated and signed by government and industry groups to state what will happen and who will pay.

Although NZ Plant Producers only recently signed the GIA Deed, it has been an observer for years, participating in biosecurity initiatives that now have OAs.  

The OAs we are currently involved in are:   
i.    Plant Production Biosecurity Scheme OA
ii.    Xylella fastidiosa Response Plan OA
iii.    Tomato Red Spotted Mite (TRSM) Response OA
iv.    Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) Response OA

This list will change over time as biosecurity issues are resolved and new ones emerge.  We also have the ability to initiate OAs with Government and other industry groups to cover the risks that are important to us.  

When negotiating OAs we will work with the members in the affected sector to ensure that they have the aware of our work and have input.  

Please feel free to contact your sector representative, or the NZ Plant Producers office at if you want more information about any of these OAs or our biosecurity advocacy work.     




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