Catch us at the Rotorua careers expo

01 Apr 2021

We are very excited to be participating at this year’s career expo in Rotorua on the 10th and 11th of May. Career expos are an essential platform for whanau, students, parents, and career shifters to engage directly with employers and education providers to make connections and promote opportunities available now and in the future.

We will be there to increase the knowledge about the plant production industry, businesses within the industry, types of roles available, career pathways, scholarships, apprenticeships, training, education, and the opportunities available in our industry.

We will be there to inspire individuals, showcasing the leadership and innovation going on in the industry and the future of innovation.

We will be there providing attendees with tools and resources to help realise their dreams and make informed decisions about their career pathways.

We will be there to strengthen the relationships and networks between businesses, schools, training providers, government agencies and community groups.

We will be there fostering meaningful discussions and possibilities between attendees and exhibitors.




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