News Roundup - 8 March

08 Mar 2021
Apple growers pulling out trees because there are not enough pickers for harvest
Hawke’s Bay apple grower and owner of the Yummy Fruit Company, Paul Paynter has been pulling up trees and dropping orchard leases faced with not having enough labour to pick the crop.

Drones vs moths: Dutch grower engages tech to kill pests
Dutch cress grower Rob Baan has enlisted high-tech helpers to tackle a pest in his greenhouses: palm-sized drones seek and destroy moths that produce caterpillars that can chew up his crops.

More Aucklanders went to work and shops under current lockdown than in August, Google data shows
Did you sense the roads were busier in this Auckland lockdown than previous ones? Google mobility data indicates that you’re right. More people were going to work, and more heading out shopping, during the current lockdown in Auckland than during the August equivalent, which also took place under alert level three measures.

Additional shipping containers and routes welcomed by exporters

South Island exporters have breathed a sigh of relief after news more empty shipping containers would be making their way to southern ports.

Bank closures: Mayors deliver plea for more bank branches to Beehive
South Wairarapa Mayor Alex Beijen has delivered a petition to Parliament on behalf of 33 mayors urging banks to reinstate rural branches across New Zealand.

Environment Court to decide fate of water permits in Otago
The future of water rights in Otago is headed to court this morning.

Kiwifruit harvest set to be record breaker
This year's kiwifruit harvest is expected to be another record breaker - early harvesting starts this week and a sector group spokesperson says last year's record of 157 million trays will be surpassed.



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