Update on 2021 Resident Visa Applications

30 Nov 2021

Kia Ora,

The 2021 Resident Visa opens to Phase One applicants on Wednesday 1 December 2021 at 6:00 AM. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has produced a video that explains the visa process.

We also have an Application Checklist available, so applicants can ensure they have all the required documents before applying.

Application document checklist | Immigration New Zealand

2021 Resident Visa Phase One video

(7.20 minutes)

This video explains the 2021 Resident visa process and criteria. It will help inform applicants who are eligible in Phase One (from 1 December 2021) to apply for the 2021 Resident visa.

Interim visas

INZ will grant interim visas of up to 12 months to 2021 Resident Visa applicants awaiting a decision to ensure they remain lawful while their applications are processed.

It will have the same rights as the applicant’s current temporary visa.

Applicants do not need to do anything – INZ will issue an E-visa to applicants up to 7 days before their current visa expires unless they have lodged a temporary visa application.

There is further, important information on interim visa conditions and requirements on our website. We strongly encourage applicants to consult this information:

Interim Visas | Immigration New Zealand

Visa processing

There is likely to be high demand in the first several days after applications open. Please be patient. There is plenty of time to apply with applications open until 31 July 2022.

The 2021 Resident Visa is a key priority for INZ, and we are focused on processing Phase One applications as soon as possible.

The General Instruction on the order of processing has been amended to reflect the priority being given to 2021 Resident Visa applications.

From early December INZ will be providing regular processing timeframe updates on our website about the progress we make processing applications.

Ngā mihi
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