News Roundup - 16 March

16 Mar 2021

Agriculturalists demand pathway to get through labour shortage
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, along with other top ministers, met sector leaders in Hawke's Bay today at a food and fibre leaders' forum. Horticulture New Zealand president and chairman Barry O'Neil, a kiwifruit grower from Bay of Plenty, had one question for the government. "What is the pathway forward to ensure that come our next peak period for labour, that we don't have the same limitations that we've had over this season, especially in the apple and to some extent in the cherry industry so far?"

More than 100,000 sign up for free vocational training courses
More than 100,000 people have signed up for free vocational training, launched as part of the Covid-19 recovery plan. The most popular courses are in construction, while almost a quarter of students are aged 40 and over.

Focus on getting school kids keen on farming at Palmerston North's Rural Games
With the borders closed the rural sector is having to work harder to attract workers. This weekend 40,000 people flocked to the Rural Games in Palmerston North, where there's a big focus on getting school kids keen on farming.

Covid-19 exposes global biosecurity systems as 'fractured'
The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed a fractured global biosecurity system and a new approach is needed, a biosecurity expert says.

‘Crazy’ Holidays Act decision helps rich get richer
Top-end-of-town executives on big salaries and generous bonuses could be getting a windfall payment - courtesy of the Holidays Act

Labour shortage predicted as grape harvest nears
Some wineries are worried they may not have enough staff when pruning begins. Their focus so far has been scraping together enough workers for the harvest which is about to start.




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