Our sector has a strong history of developing young people who love working with plants and building their skills and knowledge. Sadly this has been in decline in recent years, but we are working with our members and the Government to reignite the training programmes and qualifications that have been so important to our sector.  

Young Achiever Competition

The Young Achiever competition recognises the best young people in our sector and enables them to take the next step in their personal and career development.

It pushes entrants to learn valuable new skills, gives them exceptional networking opportunities with industry leaders, and a boost to their careers.

Each year our Young Achiever joins the winners of other horticulture industry competitions in the Young Horticulturalist of the Year. Applicants must be less than 30 years old at the beginning of the year.  

Check out the 2021 Young Achiever Website for information and the entry forms. Entries close Sunday 2 May.

Young Achiever 2021 is sponsored by Horticentre Charitable Trust and hosted by NZ Plant ProducersInternational Plant Producers Society NZ region, and Growing Spectrum.

For more information contact Alix Walles, 04-918 3511.

Careers & Education

With about 4000 people employed in our sector and many unfilled jobs, there are plenty of opportunities for people to join our industry and pursue an exciting and rewarding career. 

We work with other primary organisations to identify the best structure for a Primary Workforce Development Council to represent our sector.

This work includes:

  • Developing our industry qualifications to ensure that they are relevant
  • Promoting free apprenticeships
  • Establishing a way for people to find jobs in our sector

Workplace Training

The $1.6 Billion Trades and Apprenticeships Training Package announced by the Government will provide free training in our sector for a two year period, starting 1 June 2020.

This is a prime opportunity for anyone working in your business to take the step upskilling. There are many new training opportunities for workers that are starting out, or already in management positions.  

To find out more, visit the Primary ITO Website

Minimum wage rates increase from Thursday, 1 April 2021

24 Mar 2021

As a business owner or manager, you need to be ready for the increase in minimum wage rates from Thursday, 1 April 2021.

If you have not yet talked to your accountant, payroll provider or your finance/HR teams now is the time. It is also an opportunity to check and ensure your employment records, processes and systems are current.

The details of the increase are:

  • Adult minimum wage will go up, from $18.90 to $20.00 per hour.
  • Starting-out and training minimum wage will go up from $15.12 to $16.00 per hour.
  • All rates are before tax and any lawful deductions for example PAYE tax, student loan repayment, child support.

For more information please click here




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