Your insight needed on our Energy, Plastics, and Water Resilience Survey

13 Mar 2024

NZPPI members and retailers will soon receive an invitation to complete a Survey Monkey questionnaire on energy use, plastics and water. 

NZPPI has a unique opportunity, due to EECA funding, to survey you on your nursery operation energy use and sustainability activities.

The main aims of this survey are for NZPPI to:

  • learn more about current practices
  • assess any risks facing our members in areas such as energy usage
  • identify potential vulnerabilities to challenges like cost increases and regulatory changes.

This information will help us provide specific help to our members, including educational resources, training sessions, and financial aid information, to help manage risks and increase resilience. It will also help with our advocacy programme.

This survey isn't just about ticking boxes, it's about safeguarding our industry's future and ensuring your voice is heard. Your experiences and insights are crucial.

Please check your inbox and complete the survey to help us advocate for you!



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