The first national survey of the native plant nursery industry shows it has enough capacity to increase native tree production, but long lead times mean achieving this growth will require planning and co-operation.

  • New Zealand produced 10.6 million native tree seedlings last year.

  • The One Billion Trees programme has a target of planting 200+ million trees over ten years. This requires sustained annual growth of 14% from current production.

  • Trees account for 27% of the native seedlings produced – the others are grasses, flaxes and shrubs. While tree targets could be met by reducing production of non-tree species, this is unlikely given the continued demand for riparian, revegetation, and other non-tree plantings.

  • We believe our industry can sustainably grow at about 7.5% per year. Greater growth will place undesirable stresses on individual businesses, with debt, reduced profitability, and skills shortages.

  • This sustained growth (7.5%pa) would allow New Zealand to produce 160 million native tree seedlings over the next decade – at least 40 million short of 1BT’s target for native planting.

  • Achieving the targeted 200+ million trees planted will require extraordinary growth, needing a planned growth strategy and Government support for private businesses, organisations, and training agencies.

  • This planned growth must recognise the significant contribution that small and medium nurseries make to native tree production. It is also important to support nurseries in all regions, to produce trees suitable for local environments.


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