Nominating a NZ Plant Producers Honorary Life Member

13 Jan 2021

Do you know any unrecognised leaders in our industry?

Honorary Life Membership is the highest award granted by New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated. Only ten people have been awarded Honorary Life Membership.

By nominating a NZ Plant Producers Honorary Life Member, you are both recognising their lifetime of achievement, and helping to build a cadre of industry leaders.

Honorary Life Membership confers to the awardee all the rights and privileges of Producer Membership of NZ Plant Producers.

The process is simple:

  • Nominations must be made in writing, and signed by the proposer and seconder.
  • Only NZPPI producer members can propose or second a Honorary Life Member nomination.
  • Nominations must be received by 31 March.
  • Each nomination must include a Citation. This is a written summary of the nominee’s achievements in the industry. It should be brief and factual, and include dates and details of any achievements, awards, and positions the nominee has held in our industry.
  • The NZ Plant Producers board will then consider your nomination. Successful nominees will be announced at the next Annual General Meeting.

Talk to NZ Plant Producers communications manager Martin Craig about preparing a Citation that puts your nominee in the best light. Contact for assistance, and remember to get your nominations in before 31 March for the board’s consideration this year.



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