New Auckland Council rules on dwarf Agapanthus praecox cultivars

14 Nov 2023

The Auckland Regional Pest Management Plan 2020-2030 (RPMP) has identified cultivars of Agapanthus praecox as banned from sale, distribution, release, or breeding.

This includes all dwarf cultivars except those that have been independently tested and shown to be low fertility. Dr Imogen Bassett, Principal Advisor Biosecurity at Auckland Council, said in a letter the nurseries that this restriction was to protect our natural environment while still allowing for the sale of low-risk Agapanthus, using a threshold developed in collaboration with the nursery industry and independent scientists. 

Nurseries can continue to sell the following low fertility cultivars, which have passed independent testing: 

  • A. ‘Agapetite’ 
  • A. 'Baby Pete' 
  • A. ‘Blue Finn’ (syn. 'Ecostorm') 
  • A. ‘Dorothy Edwards’ 
  • A. 'Finn' 
  • A. 'Goldstrike' 
  • A. 'Kath' 
  • A. ‘Marina’ 
  • A. 'Pavlova' 
  • A. 'Rachel' 
  • A. ‘Sarah’ 
  • A. ‘Snowdrops’ 
  • A. ‘Surprise Storm’ 
  • A. ‘Thunder Storm’ (syn. A. ‘Thunderstorm’)  

For more information, please visit the website Pest Search. If you have any questions about the rules and how they affect your business, please contact Auckland Council on 



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