NZPPI Special General Meeting

NZPPI Special General Meeting


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Producer members of NZPPI are invited to attend a Special General Meeting on February 23 2023 at 1pm to consider and vote on resolutions to amend the NZPPI Constitution. 

NZPPI is required to change part of its constitution in order to meet the new Incorporated Societies Act 2022, which came into force in April last year. At the same time NZPPI is proposing to changes to other parts of the constitution to ensure that it is fit for purpose for the future. 

The resolutions for voting at the SGM were presented the 2022 Annual General Meeting in October. These resolutions were withdrawn before voting, following concerns raised by members that the proposals were complex and unclear and were presented at short notice.  

Since that time, NZPPI has reviewed and refined the proposed amendments, which are presented along with the proposed resolutions and detailed explanations in the attached consultation document.  This document also includes a tracked change version of the constitution for context.   

We would like to give our members the best opportunity to discuss and debate the proposals over the coming weeks in the lead up to the Special General Meeting. 

Please feel free to contact NZPPI directly, or your sector board representative if you would like to discuss this, or for more information.  

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Meeting ID: 882 8768 4623

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