MPI's proposed phytoplasma strategy: step forward for NZPPI advocacy

05 Feb 2024

MPI are consulting on a risk management proposal to manage phytoplasmas on imported greenlife nursery stock.

MPI’s risk assessment identified 44 plant genera as hosts of the 11 target phytoplasmas. Rosa is already regulated for phytoplasma in the nursery stock import health standard.

The proposal is vastly different from MPI's initial set of options presented at a stakeholder workshop in October 2022. Last year NZPPI advocated for MPI to differentiate between different supply chains and recognise ‘high health’ pathways. MPI have essentially adopted our proposed approach and have taken into account the history of trade and confidence in the production systems offshore, proposing different measures for ‘high certainty’ and ‘low certainty’ pathways.

NZPPI has put together a discussion document on the MPI's proposal for members. We are currently putting together a submission and welcome your feedback on MPI's  consultation document so we can incorporate it. MPI's document can be downloaded below.

If you would like a copy of our discussion document or to give us your feedback on MPI's proposal and/or want support in putting in your own submission, please contact NZPPI Technical and Biosecurity Manager Kathryn Hurr on




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