HortPartners website, discussion paper, workshop and survey launched

15 Aug 2023

HortPartners is a research and education extension collaboration between Lincoln University and New Zealand’s horticulture and plants industries.

It has developed out of NZPPI's Memorandum of Understanding with Lincoln University that was signed last year. To date, HortPartners includes NZPPI, Onions NZ, Potatoes NZ, Vegetables NZ and Lincoln University. We are hoping other grower groups will also come on board.  

Extension is a model of research and education outreach that places growers and producers at its centre. Extension responds to grower needs rather than the other way around. HortPartners is now working with Lincoln University to design and implement a university-based extension framework that is accessible to New Zealand growers and producers. The goal is to build capability and capacity to enable knowledge transfer between scientists, educators, technical experts, growers and producers through field labs, workshops, seminars, webinars, and publications.

There is a discussion paper on Enhancing Horticulture Plant Production Extension in New Zealand for you to read for full details. 

We very much want to hear your views on what you would like to see in an extension and research framework. There are two ways of giving your feedback:

1. Fill in an online extension and education survey now.

2. Attend our extension framework scoping workshop at Lincoln University on Wednesday September 6. For details and to register please visit: https://hortpartners.nz/upcoming-events. We intend to hold a second workshop in Pukekohe in late spring/early summer. 

By completing the survey and/or attending the workshop, you will have the opportunity to contribute your perspectives and play a role in building a new extension and education model.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on extension and on the HortPartners model. 



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