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New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated (NZPPI) formed late in July and is now getting underway. It's an opportunity for plant producers and our industry partners to shape and grow an industry body with an influential voice that delivers value to our businesses.

NZPPI grew from work to identify a new model for a producer-led industry body and a decision to remodel NGINZ. We're working now on that transition ... hence the temporary branding at the top!

NGINZ to remodel as NZPPI

At our 28 July AGM, NGINZ members overwhelmingly supported the Board's recommendation that the Association adopt the New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated (NZPPI) model and voted in favour of motions to effect the necessary changes ... more

Working for You ...

Some of what's been &/or is on our task lists ...
PVR law reform ... Weedbusters Management Committee ... Conference preparations ... Agapanthus Working Group ... National Science Challenge and nursery pathways ... Import standards for pelleted seed ... Primary ITO qualifications review ... A nursery impacted by spray drift ... FMS 2016 Plan ... Corrections advocacy ... Nursery Production Industry Partnership Group ... Plant Producers Summit Working Group ... NPPA Steering Group meeting ... GERMAC meeting ... Pea Weevil & Straw risk - work with MPI ... latest newsletter

Advocacy Matters ... Resource Matters ... Industry Promotions Matters ...

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NZPPI Established-

NZPPI Established
New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated (NZPPI) formed late in July and is now getting underway ... more

NZPPI membership and Board Elections-

NZPPI membership and Board Elections
Membership is NZPPI is open - and we're heading rapdily towards NZPPI's first Board election in November ... more

NZPPI's membership now includes EMA membership-

NZPPI's membership now includes EMA membership
In a new deal with the EMA most NZPPI members can benefit from and access EMA services & advice ... more

Board Elections 2016-

Board Elections 2016
Call for Nominations extended to 4 November - In late November Producer members will elect a new Board and nominations are now open ... more

Coming up ... Here's a quick list of what we've got in our diaries ... more

Garden Retail and Supplier meetings-

Garden Retail and Supplier meetings
Garden retail and industry supplier buesiness will meet over the next few weeks to discuss how a garden retail Special Interest Group might work ... more

MPI Survey to better understand the nursery stock import pathway-

MPI Survey to better understand the nursery stock import pathway
MPI's undertaking a survey to better understand ornamental plant import needs ... more

Citrus Import Health Standard Review-

Citrus Import Health Standard Review
MPI's consulting on proposed changes to import requirements ... more

Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme goes live-

Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme goes live
Kiwifruit nurseries now need to show that they are effectively managing biosecurity risk, with only KPCS certified kiwifruit plants able to be bought or sold ... more

Biosecurity 2025-

Biosecurity 2025
22/23 November - Protecting to Grow New Zealand - & the launch of the 2025 Biosecurity Direction Statement ... more

GERMAC Update following August 2016 meeting-

GERMAC Update following August 2016 meeting
GERMAC's August meeting worked on some challenges in L3 PEQ space and NGS ... more

Primary ITO and Training Matters-shutterstock/michaeljung_11527503

Primary ITO and Training Matters
Nursery Production IPG meets, IPG Chairs discuss portfolio management and L4 and L5 qualifications updates opne for consultation ... more

2017 Garden Trends Report-

2017 Garden Trends Report
The USA Garden Media Group's 2017 Garden Trends Report, Grow 365, highlights eight industry trends that are changing the way people think, shop and garde ... more

Biocontrol proposal for Gaint Reed-

Biocontrol proposal for Gaint Reed
Consultation is open on a proposal to introduce biocontrol agents ... more

MPI discussions update-

MPI discussions update
NPPA, X-ray inspection for pelleted seeds, rose imports, xylella and more ... more

PVR updates-

PVR updates
The PVR Technical Focus Group met in August and the PVR Law Reform Group meets late October ... more

2016 FMS Visit Programme-shutterstock/sakhorn

2016 FMS Visit Programme
FMS site visits providing technical advice and undertaking auditing underway through Spring ... more

Biosecurity Warning for Pea Weevil-

Biosecurity Warning for Pea Weevil
A ban is now in place on growing peas in the Wairarapa region, applying to both home gardens and commercial cropping ... more

Auckland Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP)-

Auckland Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP)
Auckland Council are reviewing their RPMP and we've met with biosecurity staff to discuss work to date ... more

Ornamental Plant Import Pathways-

Ornamental Plant Import Pathways
We've begun discussions with MPI on the processes for developing import health standards and the associated biosecurity risk analysis and need your input ... more

NGINZ Strategy

Advocacy Services
It’s our business to make your business easier. Lobbying for members’ common good through representation to, and liaison with, national and regional government bodies, committees and regulatory and environmental groups ... more

Industry Capacity
Enhancing industry capacity through upgrading professionalism and systems, training in skills, knowledge and practice, improving efficiency and effectiveness, encouraging innovation and best practice, understanding our markets and facilitating research and development ... more

Greenlife Matters
Promoting the value of plant life. Educating the public about the numerous benefits of trees, plant life and green space, and in doing so, creating demand for plants and greenlife products ... more

Market Growth
Advocating for more green spaces and increased use of plants in urban, commercial and environmental spaces will see growth in the greenlife products and services market and grow our share of leisure and commercial spend ... more

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