Towards 2025

Results of NGINZ’s Towards 2025 Consultation

11 May 2015

Our sincere thanks to those who participated in Towards 2025 consultation meetings and provided highly valuable feedback on the NGINZ Board's proposals.

The NGINZ Board met in late April and early May to consider your feedback, and a summary of your feedback and the Board’s response and decisions is available here. More detail is available in the feedback papers listed to the right.

In brief - There has been resounding endorsement for what the NGINZ Board is seeking to achieve – a unified industry, a stronger voice, and sustainable and equitable funding. But what we have heard is the industry is very divided on what we have proposed. Too divided to achieve any enduring "unity". However, out of the consultation process, including vocal opposition, what has emerged is a willingness to work together to form a nursery-led industry body and recognition this requires a new model and significant changes. And recognition that this requires more time, open minds, willingness to engage and commitment – from all of us.

And specifically:

  • More time and additional consultation are needed to both develop a new model for an industry body reflective of the needs of industry and a new direction for the industry that is broadly supported.
  • That NGINZ will suspend the levy referendum and application for the foreseeable future, provided the "commitment-in-principle" expressed by parties with concerns about Towards 2025 proposals translates to "commitment-in-practice".
  • That NGINZ will convene a pan-industry working group to explore and develop an alternate proposal and build broader consensus.
  • That the working group will report on its findings to both the Board and a nursery summit later in the year.
  • That the current Board will co-opt two new members onto the Board to strengthen representation of interests from across the nursery industry.
  • That NGINZ’s regular annual July Conference will be deferred until November 2015 so that conference can both focus on revised proposals and future direction for our industry and the Association and so the format and focus of Conference can be aligned with these.

Further details on the results of consultation are available through the links on the right – or you can request a printed copy by contacting Frances on

You can expect further communication from us in the weeks and months ahead. Please now take the time to understand the feedback we received and decisions taken. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Once again, thank you for your participation and valuable feedback.