Register as a Support Service

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Plant producers seeking Essential Business status can register now here.

This is open to businesses involved in food and beverage production including all nurseries producing grape vines, fruit trees, and vegetable plants for commercial production.

All other operators must register and state their COVID-19 safety plan to remain working. If you’re in doubt, then you should register to stay in business.

Registration is free and remains valid until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Your registration must be submitted before 5pm this Friday 27 March.

Questions? Here’s the fact sheet.

You can register your business here now.

Plant survival in other nurseries

NZPPI has submitted a proposal to MPI for nurseries, that are not essential services, to be able continue to operate at a basic level to ensure plant survival.

Our proposal is that basic functions like irrigation, crop monitoring, pest and disease control, etc will be able to continue during the shutdown.

Our case is that nursery plants, from seedlings to big trees and hedging require ongoing care. Without this, the entire crop of NZ’s nursery stock could be lost or severely damaged. 

We have outlined the impact of this which includes biosecurity issues, e.g. myrtle rust, etc.  But we also explained the important role that the stock of plant currently growing in nurseries will play in the recovery and beyond.

This will be considered by officials on Wednesday.