Nursery training sector plan

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A meeting of the Nursery Production Industry Partnership Group (IPG) discussed its Sector Plan (what we want to achieve in collaboration with the ITO), the Nursery Production Learning Continuum (describing nursery jobs, career progression and learning needs and opportunities), qualification reviews, short course and IPG membership.

Early discussion on our Sector Plan includes a very promising regional engagement programme with ITO training advisors.  It'll prototype in Canterbury, BOP/Waikato and Taranaki from May to June (and then tentatively elsewhere in July and August) and begins with an open meeting among ITO and industry people to discuss training needs, identify gaps and opportunities and getting to work more closely ... more soon.  Other plan components include employer and marketing materials, digital learning platforms and growth in trainee and completion numbers.

The meeting also endorsed the ITO's Effective Supervision and Workplace Health and Safety short courses.  The former is a three-day programme (the third day being in your workplace) pitched at staff who aspire to, or have potential for, leadership roles.  The latter is aimed at business owners and managers and seeks to help them develop policy and procedures to advance workers earth and meet new regularity requirements.  We've more detail on each at, and you can also talk to your local Primary ITO training advisor on 0800 20 80 20.

We've a highly focused IPG team, but need needs more members.  If you've a passion for industry training and want to help us make it better please talk with John Liddle,