A visit to Whanganui Prison

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Several industry members met with Corrections and prison staff late in March.  A good deal of the day was spent exploring both historical and current issues about prison nursery production and its current and future impact on industry. 

Whanganui prison is one of four "commercial" nurseries with up to a couple of dozen offenders growing and supplying plants to a few customers.  It's large with excellent infrastructure and prison staff impressed upon us some of the difficulties in managing a "workforce" with a very diverse range of needs, from literacy and numeracy through to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The meeting discussed prison nursery production numbers, sales policy, pricing, community projects and plant supply ... and readily agreed to continue work together to advance industry and Corrections collaboration and mitigation of adverse effects on industry.

In a followup meeting, CEO John Liddle and Corrections have agreed upon draft prison nursery production data sharing and are discussing an approach to how prison nurseries establish prices.

If you've a prison nursery issue, talk to John Liddle - john@nginz.co.nz