Auckland Council's Proposed Regional Pest Management Plan 2018

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26 March 2018

NZPPI this week sent feedback to Auckland Council on their proposed pest management strategy. 

This is not the first interaction between NZPPI and Council’s biosecurity team on the strategy; NZPPI has worked with Council over the last three years or so, as Council developed their proposals and considered plants of concern.  We’ve been able to forewarn of likely industry concerns and highlight the need for strong evidence to support final proposals.

We believe the plan strongly addresses regional biosecurity issues, but have expressed concern over a dozen or so nominated species, seeking further discussion and evidence for:

Bangalow palm                             Archontophoenix cunninghamiana
Canary Island ivy                          Hedera helix subsp. canariensis
Chinese fan palm                         Trachycarpus fortunei
Chinese Hollygrape                     Berberis lomariifolia
Creeping fig                                    Ficus pumila
Dragon Tree                                   Dracaena draco
Fatsia                                                Fatsia japonica
Japanese cherry                           Prunus serrulata
Queensland umbrella tree       Schefflera actinophylla
Rhaphiolpis                                    Rhaphiolpis umbellata
Soap aloe                                        Aloe maculata
Yellow guava                                 Psidium guajava

Additionally we’ve supported Council's proposal to approve agapanthus that are regarded as low fertility through the industry-supported research programme undertaken at Auckland Botanical Gardens with the support of Landcare.

NZPPI will work further to advance the interests of NZPPI members in our discussions with Council and invite feedback from members about their concerns.  Not a member?… join now.   

30 September 2016

NZPPI has recently provided its assessment of the market values of plants that have been submitted by the public for consideration in Auckland Council’s Regional Pest Management Plan as the Council begins its work to assess those submissions.


24 March 2016

Auckland Council’s Regional Pest Management Plan is under review and we meet with their biosecurity personnel on 31 March to discuss the results from their pre-Christmas public submission period. If you’ve matters for us to consider in these discussions, let John Liddle know -


10 Novenber 2015

Auckland Council has released a discussion document in advance of a 2016 review of their Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP). Much has changed since the inception (2007) of their current RPMP - changes in the environment, pest threats in New Zealand and Auckland, climate change and national Biosecurity Act reforms.

Matters up for discussion include Bangalow palm and management options for a number of other plants identified as pests in Auckland.

The discussion documents are on their website, and they seek feedback prior to 27 November. NGINZ will be reviewing the documents and would also appreciate your feedback – send this to John Liddle,