NGINZ Trolley System Consultation

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Posted 24 April 2016

In December we flagged member and user consultation on the future of the trolley system and invited early feedback that would inform our approach to options and consultation.  The Board has considered the early feedback and has revised its consultation options.  We expect to have those ready for distribution to a discussion with members and users from mid-May.


Posted 15 December 2015

Many of you are trolley users and will be well aware of the advantages the NGINZ trolley system.  It provides a convenient and efficient mechanism to assist in the transport of thousands of plants between nurseries and their customers throughout New Zealand each week. 

It is however not without its problems, and over the past couple of years we’ve worked to alleviate these.   This work has identified and explored a number of steps we need to take to make things better, including … better supply, and employing a system manager to undertake education and sales, monitor compliance, introduce data and tracking systems and undertake market and system development.  All require investment.

The Board has discussed future developments and the necessary investment at several meetings this year, especially in light of the Association’s need for financial constraint, and our not having the funds to “put the system right”.

At its 12 November meeting the Board determined that we need to consult with members and users on the future of the system, and asked me to prepare a discussion paper for its next meeting in March. 

Essentially, at this stage we see three options:

  1. Maintain the status quo – by no means ideal
  2. Invest in the system to fix it – and secure a funding and/or a revenue stream to do so
  3. Sell the system – after seeking expressions of interest and due process

We appreciate the importance of the system to our members and this email is intended to update you on our thinking.  I also seek your feedback please on other options that I might include in my discussion paper for the March Board meeting.    

Following its deliberations in March the Board will consult with members and users on options for the system’s future before making a decision on an appropriate option.  It will be a thorough process without haste and will ensure all users have time to provide input and adjust to any changes.

If you have thoughts that you would like to discuss please contatc John Liddle,