Growers Technical Seminar

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Tuesday 8 March 2016
9:00am to 5pm
Miramar Golf Links, adjacent to Wellington Airport

NGINZ Grower Sector invites you to a day of informative and practical seminars, where you can fly in and fly out in one day.
This is intended as a low cost practical day giving growers a chance to learn about new technologies and products. There will be speakers talking for approx 30 minutes each on various topics and time for networking. This is a good opportunity to send along some of your staff who would benefit also.

Members of the Association and non-members are all welcome - please invite someone in the industry near you. Book your flights now for good deals.

You'll hear about:

  • Breeding novelty cultivars - Ed Morgan, Plant & Food Research.
  • Nursery Tray / Production Efficiency - Alfred Boot, Hekupak Trays.
  • Queensland Australia plant weight based irrigation scheduling project - John McDonald, National Biosecurity Manager, (NGI Australia).
  • Christchurch Tree Standards and implications - Jessica Staples, GOOM Landscapes.
  • Employment Law: The latest news - Ken McLean, Wgtn Chamber of Commerce.
  • Protected Cropping Pest and Disease - Mark Stevenson and Marco Van Den Berg, Horticentre .
  • Health and Safety: The latest news - Angie Williams, OSHBOX.
  • Labelling Technology - Kristin Flanagan, Mark-It Labels.

And finish the day with time for drinks and networking.

Members: $55 + gst, extra staff $40 + gst
Non-members: $80 + gst, extra staff $65 + gst

To book, please complete and return the form or contact Frances Palmer,

All enquiries to Scott Bromwich, Daltons, ph 027 281 2472,