Auckland Airport Plant Import Clearance Changes

Recently two members experienced undue delays in clearing plant imports through MPI’s Auckland airport inspections.  Paperwork and treatments were in order and their experience highlighted processing changes that we and importers were not aware of. 

MPI have responded with this information:

  • Earlier this year due to restrictions in the availability of the Air NZ inspection transitional facilities, changes were made to the biosecurity inspection and clearance processes for the Auckland area. This means that border inspections will now need to be booked (preferably) in advance of the arrival of consignments.
  • Please note that this message is only relevant to consignments arriving within the Auckland region, and refers primarily to importers of perishable commodities which arrive via airfreight such as cut flowers, fresh produce, nursery stock, live animals etc (material which need to be cleared in a time sensitive manner).
  • All imported consignments requiring inspection need to be booked with the Border Clearance scheduling team on 09 909 30 30 opt 2 opt 2, with as much prior notice as possible. Consignments can be booked without a Biosecurity Clearance Application having been lodged by the importer or Customs Agent. Bookings can be made from 0830 till 1630 Monday to Friday. For booking after hours, i.e. weekends, please email the Air Freight office Any fresh produce or large consignments will also require assistance from the importer/agent for the inspection. If any of these conditions are not met then delays will occur. Please liaise with the airline ground handling agents and advise MPI of any delays to aircraft arrivals or in airline handling.

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