Nursery Industry and Corrections Meeting

Wellington Tuesday 25 August
9:00am to 12:30pm

Miramar Golf Club, Wellington
NGINZ has had several meetings with Corrections in recent weeks. In those discussions it is apparent that much has changed and is still to change in how Corrections view inmate employment and prison nurseries.  Some of the changes are still in the formative stages and we are able to influence these.
Corrections also understand the disconnect with industry and are keen to address this and develop an understanding as to how they might work with industry to meet their rehabilitation objectives with least impact on industry businesses.
NGINZ will host an industry meeting with Corrections to discuss their inmate employment and prison nursery policy and operations.   If you have an interest in this area, you are invited. The meeting is at the Miramar Golf Club, five minutes’ walk from the airport for ease of flight connections.

We’ll have an agenda in due course, and if anyone has questions or comments, please contact John Liddle,, 04 918 3511.

Please RSVP to Frances Palmer,, 04 918 3511.
An important note is that this meeting is the day after the Plant Producers Summit – the next step in industry’s discussion about the future of the nursery industry and building an understanding about the issues and opportunities we share, and how we can address them.  This meeting is on Monday 24 August at the Brentwood Hotel, also in Wellington.  If you have an interest in both meetings you can make flight and accommodation arrangements accordingly.