Nursery Industry and Corrections Advocacy

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Meeting with Corrections August 2015

Around twenty nurseries met with Corrections officials late in August. Discussions centered on Corrections rehabilitation and offender employment objectives and the impact these have on the nursery industry through the nurseries Corrections operate.    It is clear that a path whereby industry supports Corrections objectives while mitigating the impact on industry businesses is needed and indeed achievable.  An action plan is being developed following her meeting.  Meeting minutes are available here.

NGINZ Corrections Position Paper

NGINZ is in the process of developing a position paper on its approach to and working with Corrections in their rehabilitation objectives.  The draft paper will be considered at the 30 September NGINZ Board meeting and is available here.

Corrections Site Visits

A number of growers visited Rolleston and Christchurch Men’s prisons late in August and visits are being planned to Tongariro, Whanganui, Rimutuka, Milton and Waikaria.  If you’d like to join us, contact John Liddle,

If you’d like to join NGINZ’s Corrections special interest group email John Liddle,