New Zealand's thriving plant production industry underpins the success of our horticulture, viticulture and forestry industries. Our industry also produces plants for landscape, revegetation projects, and home gardening, to improve our natural and urban environments.

NZ Plant Producers is proud our industry which is made of approximately 450 businesses and organisations generating an estimated $500 million each year, and employing around 4000 people.

New Zealand's industry is respected globally for its know-how and innovation, It provides permanent, high-skill career opportunities in the regions.

Overcoming a long term skills shortage is a key priority and we are working to encourage young people to pursue training and careers in skills like propagation, growing, operations, business, and technical roles.

Plant producers are distributed from Northland to Stewart Island, with 66 per cent in the North Island.

With an estimated annual growth of 15 per cent, plant production is one of New Zealand's fastest-growing primary industries.

4000 People


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